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On June 29, 2015, with our dream of a restored Civic Stadium in reach, a fire broke out and completely destroyed Civic in less than an hour.  What do we do when a dream dies?  We are in the process of adjusting our dream.  Right now, this website represents the old dream.  Please come back to see what we see in the future for the Civic site.  Thank you for being part of the community that cared about Civic Stadium - that community lives on!

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Cameron McCarthy Landscape Architects has created this illustration of ECA's vision for Civic that features a Kidsports fieldhouse between the field and Amazon Parkway.


The Magnificent Structure of Civic:

under grandstand structure copy.jpg

For recent news on Civic visit these links:

ECA's ideas complement the FoCS vision for a restored Civic Stadium illustrated in the renderings below that were also drawn by Cameron McCarthy and were made possible with a generous grant from Restore Oregon.

Civic_Perspective1_Final_150-2_11x17.jpg Civic_Perspective2_Final_150-2_11x17.jpg

Civic Stadium Video Part One

Civic Stadium Video Part Two: The Site

Check out this video from Scoop McGuire

Eugene Civic Alliance Success is a Success for all Friends of Civic Stadium

Eugene Civic Alliance (ECA) succeeded in buying the 10 acre Civic Stadium site.  They ask us to forward their thanks to all of you who pitched in for ECA and FoCS.

Friends of Civic Stadium (FoCS), meanwhile, will continue to raise funds that will help restore the grandstand.  You can pitch in with by clicking the Donate Now button above.  Thank you so much!

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